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Top 3 Best Gymnastic Rings for your Home Gym

Investing in home gym equipment can be expensive if you are weight training. However, if your focus is on bodyweight exercises it costs next to nothing to invest in some of the best gymnastic rings. Gymnastic rings are also known as exercise rings, workout rings and crossfit rings. Regardless of what you call them,  they give you almost endless pulling, pushing and core exercise variations.

1. REEHUT Gymnastic Rings
2. Double Circle Gymnastic Rings
3. REP FITNESS Gymnastic Rings

Wood vs Plastic vs Metal Gymnastic Rings

Well done on deciding to invest in some gymnastic rings. You won’t regret it! BUT, you still need to decide which material you will opt for. Do you want the cool aesthetics of a wooden or metal gymnastic ring? Or are you happy with a relatively dull but functional plastic gymnastic ring?

Below I will discuss the differences:

Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Wooden Gymnastic Rings are the most popular because they look the best. But frankly, they better looks come with some negatives. Mainly having to use the gymnastic rings inside. If you use them outside, you will need to set them up and pack them away each time so they don’t succumb to the weathering affects of nature.

Metal Gymnastic Rings

The use of metal gymnastic rings is old school and not very common these days. I actually don’t see the point in using them anymore in today’s modern times. They are also affected by the weather, corrosion and will need to be setup and put away each time being used if outside. If it’s in your garage, then it’s all good.

Plastic Gymnastic Rings

This is my preferred material for gymnastic rings. The focus of Home Gym Online is more about using exercise to feel better, be better and live a bigger life. I still love to look good naked but I definitely don’t need my rings to look good too. They just need to be functional. I’ve got a pair of plastic rings (also my top pick for this article) that have been setup and left in place for many years. They’ve withstood rain, hail and shine and are still safe and fully functional.

Carabiners vs Buckles

Do you plan on doing lots of muscle ups? If so, then you might want to consider gymnastic rings that come with a carabiner instead of a buckle strap.

Most gymnastic rings whether they use a buckle or carabiner will be fine for most movements. It’s like buying a power rack with a weight capacity of 1500 pounds versus 3000 pounds when you are only squatting 300 pounds. It makes absolutely no difference to your workouts and results. But it will make a difference to your wallet.

Gymnastic Ring Workouts

There’s a seemingly endless number of exercises you can do with a set of gymnastic rings including: pull ups, dips and core exercises. All of which have many variations with the ability to progress from absolute beginner with no strength to the more advanced.

Check out the below video for great beginner workout using a set of gymnastic rings.

Best Gymnastic Rings Review

1. REEHUT Gymnastic Rings with Adjustable Straps

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I’ve been using REEHUT Gymnastic Rings for a number of years now and I can safely say that they were an excellent investment. They’ve stood the test of time hanging outside in the rain and in direct sunlight for years. I don’t recommend leaving yours outside like this but it is a testament to the durability of these affordable gymnastic rings.

Ring Material = ABS Plastic

Ring Weight Capacity = 300lbs

Ring Diameter (outside) = 9″

Ring Thickness = 1″

Carabiner or Buckle =  Buckle

Strap Length = 15ft long

Strap Width = 1″


Durable (strong polycarbonate nylon straps)



Plastic doesn't look as good as wood (or metal)

2. Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings with Competition Straps
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The Double Circle Gymnastic Rings are a higher quality product. The use of carabiners instead of buckles makes the straps more secure. The straps also come numbered for easier setup. And the rings are made from wood providing a comfortable grip and neat look.

Ring Material = Wood (non-slip)

Ring Weight Capacity = 800lbs

Ring Diameter (outside) = 9.25″

Ring Thickness = 1.25″

Carabiner or Buckle =  Carabiner hook system with exacted lengths

Strap Length = 7.5ft long

Strap Width = 1.5″


Carabiner hook system with numbered straps

Easier setup without excess strap webbing getting in the way

Competition grade


Premium price

3. REP FITNESS Wood Gymnastic Rings with Numbered Heavy Duty Adjustable Straps
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B078MS4ZMK&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=homegymonli02 20&language=en USir?t=homegymonli02 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B078MS4ZMK

The Rep Fitness Wood Gymnastic Rings provide the best of both worlds. They are affordable but come with competition grade materials. They utilise a numbered buckle strap system along with strong wooden rings with a weight capacity of 800lbs.

Ring Material = Wood (non-slip)

Ring Weight Capacity = 800lbs

Ring Diameter (outside) = 9.25″

Ring Thickness = 1.25″ and 1.11′” option

Carabiner or Buckle =  Buckle system

Strap Length = 7.5ft and 14ft long options (numbered straps)

Strap Width = 1.5″


Professional Competition Grade

Relatively cheap

Numbered straps for easy setup

Wooden Rings with 800lbs capacity


Due to wooden material, you'll need to store these inside.

Final thoughts about the best gym rings for home

The REEHUT Gymnastic Rings are for those on a budget.

The Double Circle Rings are for those who want the best (but don’t mind paying extra).

And the REP FITNESS Gymnastic Rings are a nice in between. They are affordable. But also come with competition grade materials.

With all that being said, my top pick is the REEHUT Gymnastic Rings.


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